Introducing HuffPost Small Business: A Letter From The Editor

Introducing HuffPost Small Business: A Letter From The Editor

Entrepreneurship, at its most basic level, is about starting something new. New ideas. New products. New strategies. Adventures in capitalism, you might say. It is with this pioneering spirit that we're proud to announce the launch of HuffPost Small Business, an all-new destination for entrepreneurs to learn, grow and engage with one another.

So what can you expect from HuffPost Small Business? Here's a snapshot:

Board of Directors -- Our world-class group of entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson, who regularly sound off on a variety of issues, offer advice and create a smart, ongoing conversation.

Success Stories -- A special section celebrating the best and brightest of American business. Entrepreneur Spotlight features timely and topical Q&As with entertaining entrepreneurs hailing from a variety of industries. My First Million chronicles the lives and entrepreneurial journeys of superstar entrepreneurs like real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran and Groupon founder Andrew Mason. Made in the USA is a snapshot of offbeat industries and the companies that have found success in them. And The Next Big Idea? inspects Americans' weirdest, quirkiest, most unlikely products and the small businesses that make them.

Small Business America -- Our stable of thought-provoking bloggers, representing a wide range of entrepreneurs and experts alike. From the challenges facing startups to the impact of policy decisions in Washington, their opinions will get you talking.

5 Things You Need to Know -- Our ever-expanding library of how-to guides, featuring practical, plainspoken advice on topics ranging from hiring your first employee to managing customer feedback.

As many of you know, I came to AOL in January 2010 to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey of sorts. With the launch of AOL Small Business, we created a fresh resource for entrepreneurs, and the experience of planning, executing and realizing a vision -- for a population of readers that does the same, day in and day out -- was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. When AOL and The Huffington Post joined forces earlier this year, I began to recognize the huge opportunity that could come from starting up once again, building an even bigger and bolder site with partners who have charted their own entrepreneurial story in the digital media space. Like any journey of this nature, there were inevitably some bumps in the road, but as every entrepreneur knows, hitting a few also helps you steer clear of future ones.

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned from my entrepreneurial friends over time, of course, is the importance of building a great team. I'd like to offer an especially big thanks to Janean Chun, Nate Hindman, Alicia Ciccone and Travis Donovan for helping make this launch happen. The site you're busily clicking around and exploring is the result of their very hard work over the past several months.

Between our ongoing news and features, Board of Directors and Small Business America -- plus the ideas and feedback we encourage you to start sharing immediately -- I'm confident in saying that we're about to kick off a conversation about entrepreneurship you won't find anywhere else on the Web. I can't wait to get started.

Rod Kurtz
Executive Editor
HuffPost Small Business

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