The 12 Songs You Need To Know This Week

Each week, the HuffPost Entertainment team will compile and share some of our favorite tracks discovered across the web, whether they are brand new tunes, new music videos or newly discovered artists.

Dorothy - “After Midnight”

Dorothy, named after the group's vocalist, is a band you will hear a lot more about soon. Dorothy's gritty, soaring vocals steal your heart, as the heavily distorted riffs and bellowing beats pummel you into the ground. They're dangerous, they kick ass and they're exactly what rock needs.

Hopium - “Dreamers” ft. Phoebe Lou

This electronic duo from Australia only joined Facebook in mid-February of this year and they're reluctant to share much more information than that. But we're still glad they're here. "Dreamers" is soothing, auspicious and depressing, but best of all, it feels important.

Lecrae - “Fear"

"Fear" easily has one of the best beats of 2014 thus far, with transitions that are just too smooth. Whether you agree with Lecrae's Christian sermon or not, the dude's flow has only improved and there is a message right below the surface that many should be able to connect with.

Jeremih - “No More”

Jeremih and producer Shlohmo are an unlikely combination on paper, but their "No More" EP proves that they were destined to make some of the most exciting and intricate R&B music out there today.

Priory - “Weekend”

Priory's "Weekend" has been racking up some serious radio play over on the West Coast, and probably for the exact reason of the track's title. "Hell yeah, I just got paid!" just might be the new credo for irresponsible spending by all 20-somethings.

Raury - “Cigarette Song”

Rising Atlanta icon Raury let loose a new single from his upcoming EP, "Indigo Child," flexing yet another musical muscle and proving there is no limit to what kind of music he can produce. An acoustically driven number that gives us the greatest taste of his vocal capabilities, a little chaos breaks out in the middle, but Raury draws in the reins by the final third for a beautiful piano outro.

Hopsin - “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7”

Hopsin's message is about as antithetical to Lecrae's as it can get. The seventh installment of his "Ill Mind of Hopsin," series, Hopsin furiously combats any idea of religion, working through the perceived negative results drawn from belief systems. With nearly 3 million views after just short of a week, the song has ignited debate amongst thousands of YouTube users, and while this is in no way the best arena for progressive discussion, Hopsin at least has some people thinking.

Rx Bandits - “Penguin Marlin Brando”

Rx Bandits last released an original studio production in 2009, but after a brief hiatus, the band hasn't lost any momentum. "Penguin Marlin Brando" is just one of the many stellar tracks on "Gemini, Her Majesty," proving that they are still the kings of groovy progressive rock.

Lights - “Up We Go”

Lights has put in her time, and if "Up We Go" is any indication of how the rest of "Little Machines" will sound, it will rule the rest of 2014 pop.

Banks - "Beggin For Thread”

Banks has released a number of cuts from her upcoming debut LP, and, like the rest, "Beggin For Thread" is fantastic, and probably her most fun song yet.

Enola Fall - “Lions”

First off: Enola Fall is from Tasmania, and that is awesome. Second: The band is really good. "Lions" keeps building and building throughout the song, transforming into a more catchy and danceable beat, and by the time the final evolution hits in the final third of the song, you'll be itching to start the song over again.

The Weeknd - “King Of The Fall”

The Weeknd delivers a new freebie, and he wants you know that he is, indeed, the King of the Fall.



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