Game On: Presenting HuffPost Swing Votes!

Want to take the edge off this election season? The Huffington Post has got you covered.
First candidate to get 270 electoral votes wins!
First candidate to get 270 electoral votes wins!

Today, The Huffington Post is launching Swing Votes, a super cool game for iMessage on iOS 10.

In June, when Apple unveiled a slate of new features that would be part of iOS 10, there were some obvious opportunities for news app developers, such as enhanced notifications and improved widget capabilities.

But the one we couldn’t stop thinking about was iMessage. How could we take advantage of this new functionality and make something really cool for news?

A few weeks ago, we released a political sticker pack for iMessage. Today, we’re updating that extension to include a game that features literally “swinging” states.

It’s worth it for the pun value alone. 

Here’s how you play:

  1. Open iMessage and go to the App Store for iMessage. 

  2. Download our extension by searching for “The Huffington Post”. If you already have the HuffPost App installed on your phone (which you totally should), this extension will be available in the “Manage” tab. 

  3. Pick a friend to play and open our game in an iMessage conversation with that person.

  4. Cut the ropes the hold up each swing state so the state drops into the ballot box of your chosen candidate. 

  5. The first candidate to get 270 electoral votes wins. 

  6. Share your results!