HuffPost Thursday: Meetup to Discuss Jimmy Carter, Ken Mehlman, Google's New Phone Feature

Thursday is here once again. That means two important things. One, it is almost Friday. Hurray! Two, it is time to get together tonight and discuss this past week's biggest headlines. Feel free to discuss whatever you think is important, but as always the editors at The Huffington Post have a few ideas to get you all started:

In international news, former President Carter traveled to North Korea on a mission to free a Boston man currently being held by the secretive regime. This follows, of course, the mission by former President Bill Clinton to free two journalists last year.

Flooding in Pakistan continued to cause misery.

The economic news this week remains fairly gloomy as housing sales in July plunged to their lowest level in more than a decade. Oy.

In political news, Sen. John McCain fended off a challenger in Arizona's Republican primary.

Ken Mehlman, President Bush's campaign manager in 2004 and a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, decided to disclose to the public that he is gay. For some, it was not a huge secret.

Meanwhile, President Obama continued to enjoy his vacation on Martha's Vineyard even though some in the media ribbed him for it.

In tech news, Google added a service that allows phone calls to be made through Gmail. Calls in the United States are free too. Score!