Stop Everything And Check Out HuffPost's Hot New Viber Stickers

Talking politics has never been so fun!

Talking about the 2016 presidential election isn’t always easy. That’s why The Huffington Post has launched a politics-themed sticker pack on Viber.

Viber is a popular messaging app that allows users to text, call and share photos with their friends across the world for free. According to Viber, the platform currently has more than 754 million users worldwide. Viber users can also follow group conversations, called Public Chats, from their favorite celebrities or publishers, including The Huffington Post’s Politics team

The best part of all? Viber takes communicating to the next level with stickers. When used in a conversation, users can “heart” their favorite sticker and download sticker packs that suit their different personalities and conversation topics. And that’s where the new HuffPost Elections pack comes in. Whether you want to spice up your political conversations or add some humor to a heated debate, we’ve got it all covered in the free sticker pack. 

So, how do you get your hands on these works of art? Download the Viber app on your phone and head over to their Sticker Market to snag these beauties while they’re still hot, because as Donald Trump would say, this is...

*Mic drop*