HuffPost Video: John Cusack Interviews Naomi Klein

HuffPost Video: John Cusack Interviews Naomi Klein

In her new book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,
Naomi Klein uses the war in Iraq to pull back the curtain on free
market myths and expose the forces that are really driving our
economy. She details how the crony capitalists running the Bush
administration saw post-invasion Iraq as the perfect proving ground
for all their pet free-market policies. The fantasy was that a
privitazied and corporatized Iraq would become a free-market utopia
that would spread the gospel of the market throughout the Middle East.

Klein's writings on Iraq helped inspire John Cusack to create a
stinging new satiric film called War, Inc. The pair recently sat down
for a HuffPost exclusive - a lively and insightful conversation about The
Shock Doctrine
, Iraq, the burgeoning new economy that has sprung up
around the war on terror, and Baghdad's Green Zone, which Klein calls
"a heavily armed Carnival Cruise ship parked in a sea of despair."

Videography by HMS Media

Watch a preview for the film War, Inc.

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