HuffPost Video: "Our Inauguration"

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As part of the Pre-Inaugural Ball HuffPost threw Monday night at the Newseum in Washington, we held a New Year's-style Countdown to a New Era. It's a new era not just because the Bush Years will officially be over today, and not just because Barack Obama will be president, but because taking on the challenges America is facing will require a new era of citizen responsibility and engagement.

To illustrate this we have put together a video produced by Philip de Vellis, creator of the Think Different/Hillary 1984 ad, and now a media strategist at Murphy Putnam Media, that delivers this message: we are all stakeholders, and we are all being inaugurated tomorrow.

Check it out -- and check the rest of the site for pictures, video, and other coverage of the HuffPost Ball, a celebration of a new era in America.

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