Weird Gift Guide: Jesus Shaving Mug, Fur Bras, Pregnant Virgin Mary Ornament And More

The Pregnant Virgin Mary Christmas Tree Ornament, Fur Sports Bras And More Weird Gift Ideas

Holiday gift-giving can be weird.

Some people you don't know well enough to be able to pick out a gift that shows thought and caring.

Of course, some people don't deserve any thought and caring at all -- especially a possibility if your workplace does one of those silly secret Santa gift exchanges.

Finally, some folks are just plain weird and impossible to buy for.

If there's someone on your gift-giving list who fits any of those descriptions, there is hope. And we're bringing that hope right now.

The folks at HuffPost Weird News have combed every retailer from the major to the miniscule looking for gifts that are sure to please the weird person in your life.

Oh, and if you happen to be a friend or relative of a HuffPost Weird News staffer, please don't read any further. It's no fun when you know what gift you're getting in advance.

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Pregnant Virgin Mary Ornament

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