Introducing the HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: The Best Solutions Stories Out There, Every Day

When we launched our What's Working editorial initiative earlier this year, we knew we wanted to tell solutions-oriented stories using all the tools at our disposal on a global scale, and to bring the same rigor and relentlessness to these stories that we bring to our coverage of everything that's not working.

So in addition to our original What's Working reporting -- on everything from Los Angeles' dramatic decline in gang violence to the young social entrepreneurs trying to close the inspiration gap in schools -- and the robust conversations we're starting on the blog, we've now launched the What's Working Honor Roll, a daily roundup of the best solutions journalism around the world. These stories, selected each morning by our HuffPost Media editors, showcase the range of publications going beyond the tired "If it bleeds, it leads" approach to news and giving their readers and viewers a fuller and more accurate picture of what is going on in the world.

Here are just a few examples of great stories and initiatives our Honor Roll has featured so far:

  • Yahoo's interview with Richmond, California, police chief Chris Magnus, who has overseen a steep drop in the city's homicides since taking over in 2006.

  • The Guardian's multimedia initiative to bring climate change to the forefront of media coverage.
  • The New York Times' report on how Vassar College has become a beacon of opportunity for low-income students.
  • Medium's pop-up publication Bright, about innovations in the world of education.
  • The Solutions Journalism Network's yearlong initiative "Violence Prevention and Reduction," which is uniting news organizations around the need to take a solutions-based approach to reporting about crime and violence.
  • The Atlantic's report on what the rest of America can learn from the state of Washington's program to reduce drive-alone commutes.
  • The Guardian's report on the steps that Glasgow, Scotland, has taken to cut its murder rate in half and reduce crime generally.
  • Since What's Working is all about inspiring copycat solutions, it's our hope that by spotlighting the great work being done, the Honor Roll will inspire other outlets to do more and more.

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