HuffPoster Reports On Montana Tea Party

HuffPoster Reports On Montana Tea Party

[Reported by a HufPost citizen journalist]

And they certainly showed up in Missoula, Montana. Montana is a very conservative state. Missoula, however, is known as the Berkeley of the Rockies. By any conservative estimation, there were at least 200 people at the Tea Party. People were very willing to talk, though most anonymously. There were varied responses to general questions: Why are you here? How do you tend to vote? Do you consider yourself socially liberal or socially conservative?

Every person I talked to considered themselves conservatives, though there were the smattering of "Libertarians" who had their "free weed" signs. They all believed government was the problem. When asked; Why are you here? Each responded; Government spending.

One gentleman was a former Germany national. He was concerned about what he saw as "creeping socialism". The same creeping socialism he had seen growing up in Germany. He felt that Obama was bringing that socialism to a head. The man considers himself socially conservative. He added that he believes globalism works, and that government needs to get out of the way of business. When asked where he heard about the Tea Party movement he simply said; Radio.

A group of people, including one woman holding an anti-abortion sign, were vehemently "pro-life". When asked if they were against the war in Iraq, the woman's response came; "I'm for life in this country." The whole group consisted of Ron Paul supporters.

Another pair spoke at length about government and the military. They were heatedly against government, but pro-military and repeatedly opined on government spending. But when asked how much spending should go to the military they both responded; "As much as it takes."

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