HuffPost's David Weiner Weighs In On "Fat" Ad In New Jersey Governor's Race

HuffPost New York Editor David Weiner spoke to New York's WPIX News about a "fat campaign commercial" that New Jersey Governor John Corzine's campaign is running against opponent Chris Christie. Corzine, a Democrat, is running for re-election. Christie, a Republican, is a former U.S. Attorney running to unseat him.

WPIX describes the campaign commercial:
"...while talking about evading tickets [the ad] includes the line "Christie threw his weight around" while showing a close-up of the candidate's plump face, followed by a blue tinged slow motion shot of his large lumbering frame as he unglamorously emerges from a vehicle."

Weiner was asked if "the tricked up imagery" was a coincidence:
"There's no question that this is on purpose. I mean, You have 30 seconds, a minute at most to tell a story and like a poem you're picking every single word very carefully."