Coke Machine Takes Hugs Instead Of Money (VIDEO)

A great hug can mean warmth, safety, comfort and a bunch of other mushy feelings. The only thing that could possible make it better? A free Coke.

One Coca-Cola vending machine at the National University of Singapore is providing opportunities for just that, according to Forbes. The machine, which says "Hug Me" on the outside requires a hug instead of money in order to get a taste of the bubbly beverage.

Coke is known for its innovative marketing. The company was ranked the number one global brand for social media marketing by Covario thanks in large part to its aggressive campaigns that look more like stories than ads. Diet Coke also hired Jean Paul Gaultier, the designer responsible for Madonna’s infamous cone-shaped bra, to be its creative director in March.

And of course how could one forget Coke's (dare we say huggable) polar bears?

Still, the company has had some less than successful campaigns. Coke ditched its white winter-themed cans last December after customers kept confusing them with Diet Coke cans, even though they were on the shelves for just one month.

But Coke better hope most of its ad gambles take off. It's biggest competitor, PepsiCo, is announced in February that it plans to spend $600 million on marketing in an aim to take some market share away from Coke.