Hug Me Jacket: A Caressing Coat For The Cold And Lonely

Need A Hug?

You can't deny it. Nothing you can do will stop it. Winter is coming.

For some, combatting the cold weather and lonely feelings that winter can bring means cuddling by the fire or huddled under blankets to watch a movie. For others, designer Si Chan has created the Hug Me jacket -- a puffy green jacket that features clasped hands running up the front. (Hat tip: Yahoo! Shine.)

Chan, who recently graduated with top honors from London's College of Fashion talks about the motivation behind the Hug Me's creation in a blog post. Emphasizing a desire to make people feel "warm and hugged," Chan says both the jacket and the rest of his fall men's collection make use of hands to "express love" and "depart from loneliness between human beings." To drive that point home, Chan features a faded photo of himself as a child receiving a warm embrace from his older brother.

So what's the cost of the gentle love that only five pairs of fabric hands can give? Chan told Yahoo! Shine that although the product is currently in the prototype stage, he hopes he can produce Hug-Mes for sale online by winter, with a price tag of about £800, or $1,270.

If you're going to spend that much on a jacket adorned with body parts, why not go all the way? Get some sleep with a pillow that has an arm to hold you. Are your ears lonely? Grab some necklaces or earrings shaped just like them off Etsy to keep them company.

Check out some of the other items in Chan's, shall we say, "handy" line below:

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