This Is A Darlin' Of A Marlin

It was a fight to the fin-ish.

Brooklyn's own Kai Rizzuto, 16, was fishing with his grandfather off the coast of Hawaii last week when he caught a 1,058-pound, 14-foot-long blue marlin, according to CNN.

It took 30 minutes to reel in the catch, which was about 300 pounds short of the International Game Fish Association's 1982 world record for blue marlin, CNN said.

"It was jumping straight out of the water, fully breached, shaking its head trying to free itself," Kai told CNN. "I was really hoping and praying that nothing would happen to this fish and that it wouldn't break off [the line]."

McGrew Rice, the captain of the fishing boat where Rizzuto caught the fish, told NBC News the marlin was "the fish of a lifetime."

"That's like hitting a grand slam home run in the last inning of the World Series," Rice said.

But the fish didn't go down without a fight, Rizzuto told the New York Daily News.

"I've never felt anything close to that amount of force,” he said. “There's nothing I can compare it too."



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