Huge Wine Bottle Is 30 Feet Long And Weighs 3 Tons (PHOTO)

giant wine bottle

Somewhere, there's a giant sommelier wondering where his bottle of wine went.

Austrian Times reports that Chinese firm Jinding Co. created this outrageously huge bottle of wine for the Sixth Yantai International Wine Expo, which is held in the country's Shandong province. It's filled with a new variety of wine produced especially for the event.

The bottle's enormous proportions stretch 30 feet long and eight feet wide, and the whole thing weights three tons.

"We wanted to make sure everyone at the exhibition had the chance to taste our wine," a spokesman told the publication, "and with the size of this it turns out one bottle was enough."

UK site Metro notes that China's wine obsession has grown in recent years, much in part because of the country's growing and increasingly wealthy middle class.

The Grape Wall of China blog has plenty other pictures from this year's Yantai International Wine Expo, which does seem like a modest event to say the least. Paper canons, giant billowy pink clouds and dancers with wine glasses look to be among the entertainment.



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