Hugh Grant Reveals Which Of His Co-Stars Wanted To Kill Him

He also said his "Love Actually" co-star, Emma Thompson, is "not remotely sane."
Hugh Grant is candid about his thoughts on former co-workers.
Hugh Grant is candid about his thoughts on former co-workers.

Hugh Grant has co-starred with many amazing actors and actresses over the years, but only one has wanted him dead.

Grant revealed that Robert Downey Jr., whom he starred with in the 1995 film “Restoration,” wanted to kill him. 

“He hated me,” the actor recently told People. “He took one look at me and wanted to kill me.”  

The 57-year-old actor told People that he’s worked with a number of other co-workers he’s liked, though you wouldn’t really know it from the way he talks about them. 

Grant joked that his “Love Actually” co-star Emma Thompson is “a genius” who is “not remotely sane. She’s nuttier and nuttier as the years go.”

He basically said the same thing of his “Bridget Jones” co-star, Renée Zellweger. 

“Renée loves me and I love Renée. Well, I mean she’s in the same category as Emma Thompson, in terms of lunacy, but an amazing actress of course, and very generous,” he revealed to People. “She once sent me a fabulous huge volume of beautiful photography, including a lot of semi-undressed women. I remember it because I had just landed in Marrakesh … and the book was impounded.”

Despite his praise (if one can call it that) of Zellweger and their apparent affection for each other, Grant told Andy Cohen back in 2016 that most of his former co-stars didn’t think too highly of him. 

They all hate me, I think,” he said.

Whatever you say, Hugh.