Hugh Hefner: "I Almost Swallowed A Sex Toy"

Hugh Hefner gives "Extra" viewers a private tour of the famed Playboy Mansion and reveals his favorite room saying, "No question - the bedroom. I do my best work in the bedroom."

Hefner admits to Lopez that he was heartbroken over his split with longtime girlfriend, Holly Madison saying, "I was blindsided by the breakup...But Holly was looking for something more that I couldn't give her. She was looking for marriage and children." But Hefner wasn't lonely for long. He adds, "Within two weeks, a pair of twins arrived and turned out they were interested in being my girlfriends...Several girlfriends are easier to handle than one wife."

Hefner's new autobiography, Mr. Playboy, takes an inside look at his life filled with luxury, women and sex. When asked about the book's most shocking revelation, Hefner responds, "Probably an incident that occurred back in the late seventies where I almost swallowed a sex toy."

Carmen Electra graces Playboy's 55th anniversary issue. As for other celebrities Hefner would like to pose for Playboy, he says, "Either Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson," he says. Lopez brought along Jennifer Aniston's nearly nude GQ magazine cover to show Hefner who comments, "This looks like the cover of Playboy. I'm much impressed by Jennifer. Is it just me or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?...Never seen her in this light before."

As for the possibility of Robert Downy Jr. playing Hefner in a film, Hefner declares, "He's a very good actor. Would be natural."

"Extra's" interview with Hugh Hefner airs on Friday, December 19th and for more on this story, click on extratv.com.

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