Hugh Hefner: I'm 'Consistent' In Love Life

Hugh Hefner, 85, is engaged to be married to former playmate Crystal Harris, 25, and he explained to UK's Metro magazine how he maintains a relationship with a woman 60 years his junior.

"If you're in good health, age is just a number," he said. "I'm consistent; when I was 20 I was dating 20-year-old girls and now I'm 85 I'm still dating them."

When asked whether he and Crystal have much in common, Hef replied, "Yes, we do. A very similar sense of humor. I can't foresee having a happier relationship than this one in the years ahead for me."

Last year Hef talked about how frequently he has sex with Crystal - twice a week with the help of Viagra.

WATCH Crystal and Hef talk about their wedding plans: