MSNBC Host Hugh Hewitt Suggests 'Trench Coat' Control, Not Gun Control

Forget restricting guns as a way to curb school shootings. "It's a Second Amendment right, not a Second Amendment suggestion."

Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt has a novel idea to curb school mass shootings: Ban trench coats.

Hewitt, an MSNBC host, rejected limits on guns as a response to last week’s school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, where police say a student used his dad’s shotgun and revolver hidden beneath a trench coat to kill 10 people.

“To the teachers and administrators out there, the trench coat is kind of a giveaway,” Hewitt said Monday on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” on Salem Radio Network. “You might just say no more trench coats. The creepy people, make a list, check it twice.”

Hewitt said he suggested coat control because he can’t see stepping on gun rights. Even universal background checks for gun buyers and a ban on assault-style weapons probably wouldn’t have prevented the Texas shooting, he said.

“It is a Second Amendment right, it’s not a Second Amendment suggestion,” Hewitt said. “It’s as fundamental to the republic as free speech and freedom of religion and due process, and the right to be safe and secure in your own home.”

Two teen murderers killed 13 people at Columbine High School in 1999 while wearing trench coats. They were initially incorrectly described as members of a group known as the “Trench Coat Mafia.”

The Texas lieutenant governor said the problem in the Santa Fe attack was that there were “too many entrances” to the school. National Rifle Association head Oliver North blamed too many teenagers on Ritalin and a culture of violence.

Listen to what else Hewitt had to say in the clip above.

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