Hugh Jackman Hilariously Welcomes John Legend To Sexiest Man Alive Club

The actor shared a quirky video celebrating the singer's People magazine honor while also dissing Ryan Reynolds.

Hugh Jackman has welcomed singer-songwriter John Legend to the People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” club in the best way possible: By negging Ryan Reynolds.

Jackman, who won the award in 2008, posted a video of him and Reynolds on Wednesday.

In the clip, Jackman and Reynolds are chatting when Jackman jokingly drops a copy of his “Sexiest Man” issue in front of Reynolds, who was given the title in 2010. 

“Have you seen it?” Jackman says, handing the magazine over. 

“I have an issue somewhere, I have a few of yours,” quips Reynolds in the video. “Usually I cut the eyes out or the mouth, but that’s just me, that’s how I roll.”

“The Greatest Showman” star captioned the hilarious video by writing: “Dear John. Massive congrats on joining this very very prestigious group. 99 percent of the time, PEOPLE Magazine get[s] it right. Such as Blake [Shelton], DJ [Dwayne Johnson], etc … But a word of caution. There is the 1 percent. Exhibit A. It’s important that you fall in with the right crowd. Enjoy your reign. Love Hugh.”

Legend’s recognition as 2019′s “Sexiest Man” was revealed Tuesday night during his show, “The Voice.”

Fellow “Voice” host Blake Shelton, who won the title in 2017, announced the news. Shelton went so far as to gift Legend a pair of jean cutoffs, bedazzled with the word “VEGOTSMA” on the butt.

“You already came into this show as an EGOT,” said Shelton, noting the “All of Me” singer’s roster of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards. “Then you won ‘The Voice’ so it became a VEGOT. Now you have a ‘VEGOTSMA.’ You’re the only one.”

Congrats, John! And never stop being you, Hugh.