Hugh Jackman On Why He Refuses To Hide From Paparazzi (VIDEO)

In 2009, Hugh Jackman and his family moved from Australia to New York City, home to many celebrities and even more paparazzi. Jackman's life instantly became more public, as paparazzi snapped photo after photo of the actor, his wife and their two children around Manhattan. Whether he's taking the kids to school, zipping around on a scooter or working out at the gym, Jackman never seems to hide from the paparazzi.

Speaking with Oprah for an episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," Jackman explained the importance of being able to do everyday things with his children, whether or not paparazzi are around. "If I [had chosen] a life... that would mean I couldn't just go out with my kids, I would never forgive myself," he says.

Rather than focus on the paparazzi, Jackman focuses on simply living his life. "If you're going to take photos, take photos," he says of his paparazzi philosophy. "They're not going to be sensational... I'm not going to be out dating this person, that person, drunk here and swearing, giving you the middle finger. I say I'm just going to live a normal life as much as possible."

Despite his down-to-earth approach, there's no question that Jackman's star continues to rise. In the above video, he also shares with Oprah what it felt like to be nominated for a 2013 Oscar for his role in "Les Misérables" and reveals the unusual thing he focused on when watching the Academy Awards as a child.

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