Here's A Workout Picture Of Hugh Jackman Achieving Nirvana

Is this what the last Wolverine is going to look like?

Perhaps you spend your whole life searching for the true you, but end up finding death before yourself. We all should be so lucky to find the something that makes us feel right with the world.

And so it's time to congratulate actor Hugh Jackman, who on Dec. 21, found true nirvana. While preparing to lift what appears to be 100kg, Jackman's body and soul joined the grand ether, which his face clearly revealed in a picture he uploaded to Twitter:

It is unclear if Jackman decided to lift the barbells after reaching pure serenity, or if he decided taking on the weight of the world within his mind was enough.

Don't bother getting Jackman a Christmas gift this year -- what do you give a man who has everything ... and nothing ... and now is blissfully and blisslessly comprehending the void.

Jackman may be training for his last time playing the "X-Men" character, Wolverine, although that movie doesn't come out until 2017.

Although after this morning he no longer comprehends time in a linear fashion, the un-epiphanied among us may still feel some misguided excitement.


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