Just A Reminder That Hugh Grant's Middle Name Is 'Mungo'

You're welcome.
Hugh Grant at the BFI Chairman's Dinner in London in February 2016.
Hugh Grant at the BFI Chairman's Dinner in London in February 2016.

Many people may not be aware of this, but Hugh Grant’s middle name is “Mungo.”

Well, one of his middle names. The charming British actor’s full name is actually Hugh John Mungo Grant, which prevents him from actually bearing the moniker “humungo.” But frankly, if you’re going to go ahead and give your child the first name “Hugh” and middle name “Mungo,” why not just go all the way and make it Hugh Mungo? No one is being fooled by this “John” business.

And yes, it’s pronounced exactly how you’d think.

The above video from 2011 shows Grant giving testimony in the Leveson Inquiry -- a judicial inquiry into British media ethics -- where he testified that U.K. publication the Mail on Sunday may have hacked his phone.

It this new information? Absolutely not. The delightful fact was brought to our attention by Jezebel commenter NeverMindEdith, who made a note of Grant’s middle name on an article about a newly released oral history of the 2001 film “Bridget Jones Diary.” Grant plays a central role in the movie.

NeverMindEdith’s comment made our afternoon about 10 times better, and now, we just want to pay it forward.

We hope it brings you a Hugh-Mungo smile.



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