Hugh Laurie Took Prescription Pads From The 'House' Set, Promotes New Blues Album On 'Colbert' (VIDEO)

What Did Hugh Laurie Take From The 'House' Set?

Hugh Laurie stopped by "The Colbert Report," and though he was there to show off his musical side, he wasn't able to escape talking about his iconic acting role as Dr. Gregory House. Stephen Colbert asked him if he still had any of the prescription pads from the "House" set, and Laurie revealed that was something he had taken from the set.

“Did you take it from the set and go, 'You know, this might come in handy later, if I lose everything?'" Colbert asked him.

“I suppose I was thinking, 'Charming memento,'" Laurie responded. "But, as you say, [it] could come in handy if things go south.”

Laurie also admitted that he still channels that American accent he perfected on "House" -- at least, subconsciously. He doesn't know why exactly, but he said he sings with an "American accent" -- like many Brits -- on his new blues album, "Didn't It Rain," which is available now.

Laurie also filmed a PBS special to coincide with the album's release called "Hugh Laurie: Live on the Queen Mary." It aired on Sunday, but the special is also streaming in its entirety at PBS's website. If that's not enough Laurie, he'll be taking his show on the road as well, touring all over North America through the end of the year. (You can find tour dates on his website,

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