Hugo Chavez Twitter Reactions: World Reacts To Venezuelan President's Death (SLIDESHOW)

The death of Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez left many speechless, yet the Twitterverse was aflutter Tuesday evening as it reacted to the news. In 140-characters supporters and opponents showed the World varied views on the leader's legacy and questioned what lies ahead for the South American country.

Vice President Nicolás Maduro announced the death of the 58 year-old Venezuelan leader Tuesday afternoon during a national television broadcast. According to Maduro, Chávez died March 5 at 4:25 PM after nearly two years of battling an unspecified cancer he'd been treated repeatedly for in Cuba.

Many took to Twitter to mourn despite political ideologies and through these brief statements social media shed light on how the World perceived Chávez. His most devoted supporters knew "El Comandante," as he is called in his native country, to be a hero and a revolutionary who fought against imperialism and inequality both in Venezuela and Latin America as whole. His critics questioned the extent of his socialist regime, which many saw as oppressive to the Venezuelan people despite its mask of egalitarianism and happiness.

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