Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: Female Co-Star Revealed To Be Heather Clem, Second Tape May Leak

The Hulk Hogan sex tape no one ever asked for has been getting a ton of buzz since it leaked online last week.

On Tuesday, the former pro-wrestler revealed to Howard Stern that the woman on the tape is Heather Clem -- the estranged wife of his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge. TMZ reports that Hogan revealed that he had Bubba's blessing to "romance" his ex, but it's a blessing he didn't receive from his then-wife Linda. The 59-year-old former reality star revealed that he was still married to Linda at the time the sex tape was shot, and blamed her for his infidelity. Hogan told Stern that Linda drove him to cheat because she was emotionally and verbally abusive to him.

Hogan has been making the rounds trying to do damage control since the tape leaked. On Tuesday, Hogan told the "Today" show's Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford that the tape has "devastated" him.

After watching just a minute of the tape Gawker posted on Friday, we had to work to scrub the image from our minds, but there's more interest in the tape than one might think. On Monday, the Pinterest for porn site, Sex.com announced that they "desperately want to put [Hogan's] sex tape on their site" and has offered the former wrestler an "open checkbook" if he'd be willing to sign a deal with them.

But an open check book doesn't sound like it's the answer to Hogan's problem, as he has reportedly threatened to sue if the video isn't taken off the Internet and maintains that the video was made secretly without his knowledge or permission. Hogan vowed to try to find whoever is responsible for releasing the tape, telling the "Today" show:

"I'm going full-blown to try to find out who did this to me and why and what's the motivation," he said.

But there's more bad news for the wrestler and his embarrassed family, as RadarOnline reports that another sex tape could soon be leaked online. According to the website, Hogan has warned his daughter Brook, 24, and son Nick, 22, that this isn't the only time he's possibly engaged in a sexual act on camera.

“Hulk is very concerned that a new sex tape could emerge,” a source close to the family revealed to the website. “The family is absolutely mortified their name has been sullied in such a tacky way. They never imagined that Hulk could drag them into such an embarrassing situation."

There's no doubt the family is embarrassed by the tape, but the Hogan family need not worry about their reputation being sullied in a tacky way, since the four seasons of their VH1 reality show, "Hogan Knows Best" already accomplished that. Plus, Hogan's ex-wife Linda's own DUI arrest last week only shines a brighter light on the family's decline.

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