'Incredible Hulk' Robs Bank In Hamburg, NY

'Incredible Hulk' Robs Bank

A man disguised in an Incredible Hulk mask robbed a western New York bank this week. according to TV station WIVB.

Hamburg police are searching for the suspect who held up a Northwest Savings branch on Jan. 9 with a handgun rather than a display of rage and superhuman strength favored by the neon green comic book character.

A security camera photo released by cops shows the villain standing at the counter. He's a white man in his 20s wearing a brown jacket with a shearling collar, faded blue jeans and a long gold or silver chain, according to a statement.

The man dressed like Dr. Bruce Banner's radioactive alter ego ran from the bank on foot and escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

There's been a spate of robberies recently by thieves masked to look like children's comic book heroes and cartoon characters, such as a man in Spider-man outfit who robbed a Maryland bank. A hooligan in a full-body Gumby costume had less success trying to rob a store, because a clerk didn't believe the thief was serious.

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