Hulu Faces Intense Backlash, Boycotts For Streaming Pro-Israel 'Visit Gaza' Ad

The video suggested Gaza would be a tourist paradise, if not for Hamas.

Hulu is being harshly criticized for streaming a pro-Israel ad which brazenly claims Gaza would be a vacation destination if not for Hamas.

Mimicking a glossy tourism pitch, the 30-second ad invites people to “Come visit beautiful Gaza” in text on-screen while showcasing what appear to be AI-generated images of pristine beaches, luxury hotels and happy travelers.

A narrator tells people they can “embrace the vibrant nightlife of the city and experience a culture rich in tradition” in the region, where the United Nations says about 100,000 people have been killed, injured or gone missing since Israel’s retaliation campaign following the Oct. 7 attacks that killed 1,200 people.

The sunny tone abruptly shifts as the narrator declares, “This is what Gaza could have been like without Hamas” and photos of Palestinian adults and children with weapons flicker on-screen.

A pro-Israel ad claiming Gaza would be a vacation destination if not for Hamas has been streaming on Hulu.
A pro-Israel ad claiming Gaza would be a vacation destination if not for Hamas has been streaming on Hulu.
Youtube/Israel National Public Diplomacy Directorate

It ends saying, “Free Gaza From Hamas Now”

The advertisement earned swift condemnation online, where it was denounced as “propaganda” trying to callously blame Palestinians for the devastation inflicted on Gaza.

“Shame on Hulu,” posted political analyst Khalil Sayegh. “Actually, despite more than 16 years of Israeli siege and many previous aggressions on Gaza, it remained a beautiful city filled with life, beauty, and culture until the recent Israeli indiscriminate bombardment.”

Many casual streamers were upset at being subjected to the video as well.

Dozens more asked if they could opt out of seeing the ad, while others announced they were canceling Hulu completely.

Elsewhere, the Bronx Anti-War Coalition called for a boycott of the streamer and announced a protest taking place outside of its New York headquarters on Friday.

“SHAME on Hulu for airing a disgusting, factually-incorrect and dehumanizing Zionist propaganda ad for Israel while they face genocide charges by the ICJ,” the New York-based anti-imperialist organization posted.

Hulu did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment regarding reactions to the ad or planned boycotts and protests.

Opinions on X appeared to reflect a growing sentiment among Americans.

According to a poll by Data for Progress in November, 61% of likely U.S. voters support calls for a permanent cease-fire.

See more reactions below:

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