Hulu Expands Original Content, Announces Three Series And Seven Exclusive Shows (VIDEO)

Look For More Original Content On Hulu This Summer

As regular seasons of your favorite TV shows are coming to an end, Hulu is preparing a lineup of new content for the summer.

Beginning June 3, Hulu will start streaming three original series and seven exclusive shows, from comedy to sci-fi. For example, indie director and actor Kevin Smith has been tapped to host a half-hour revue, "Spoilers," where he and other guest stars will sound off on upcoming flicks.

"Hulu really lends itself well to a show like this because they have an audience that is passionate and active when it comes to shows they love. And frankly, those are the people I want to hang with," Smith told BusinessWire.

Other original series include a travel show, "Up To Speed," and a comedy about a pickup basketball team of unlikely friends, "We Got Next." The exclusive shows, meanwhile, are series that initially aired in the U.K. or Canada and are being made available to viewers in the U.S. for the first time.

Having recently expanded into the realm of original content, Hulu competes with premium providers like Amazon and Netflix. Hulu in February released its first original scripted show, "Battleground"; that same month, Netflix premiered mobster drama "Lilyhammer." A partnership with Fremantle Media, announced in March, will see Hulu content "distribute[d] [...] across a variety of platforms, including traditional TV," according to PCMag.

Hulu's CEO Jason Kilar has said that backing original series and obtaining licenses to exclusive content are only parts of the company's grand plan. “What we want to do is create a service that distributes content to customers,” Kilar said during AllThingsD‘s media conference in January, as quoted by Mashable. “That’s the primary goal.”

Check out individual clips for Hulu's summer lineup in the gallery below.

Hulu's Summer 2012 Lineup

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