Hulu's New GIF Service, Explained In Hulu GIFs

On Monday, Hulu unveiled a new website called The Perfect GIF, which it hopes will get people all like:

You can search through over 1,400 animated GIFs, filtering them by TV show, "actions" or "reactions." A spokesperson for Hulu told The Huffington Post that each GIF is carefully selected by social media and design teams.

"We have a very thorough approval process for each GIF," the spokesperson said via email. "It goes through multiple internal teams to ensure the moments are authentic to the show as well as fan favorites."

You could dig up something from "Saturday Night Live," or look specifically for people "#driving" or, as in the GIF below, looking "#gross":

You can also use the site's search tool to look up other keywords.

The Perfect GIF is hosted on Tumblr, where most of the users are teenagers, according to a GlobalWebIndex report. So the eight GIFs tagged "#school," including this one, might get a good workout:

Each GIF is branded with show and network logos, plus "#hulu," so they feel a bit like advertisements.

That said, Tumblr users are pretty friendly toward branded content. Marissa Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo!, which owns Tumblr, says the average sponsored post on the platform is "reblogged" 10,000 times. So maybe Hulu's GIF project will pay off.

You won't be able to forget that this is a corporate page when you're browsing, though. You're pointed to a pretty intimidating "Terms of Use" page at every turn.

And that might kill your buzz a little.

This story has been updated to include comment from Hulu.