Human Barbie Thinks Perez Hilton Should Get A Boob Job

"A boob job wouldn’t hurt him... his chest is way too flat," she wrote.

Hold on to your plastic -- this might get ugly.

"Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova, who is infamous for her bizarre diets, doll-like features and her propensity to offend, lashed out at media personality Perez Hilton in a Facebook post Tuesday.

Lukyanova posted a lengthy personal attack on Hilton beneath side-by-side photos of herself and the celebrity blogger, adding the words "Natural Sporty" and "Natural Awkward" (respectively) in a style reminiscent of Hilton's "doodles." 

There are really awkward people in the world who enthusiastically try to kill positivity with their weird actions. The...

Posted by Valeria Lukyanova on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

 In June, Hilton implied Lukyanova was a hypocrite for hating on the nickname that "literally made her internet famous." 

Lukyanova said she doesn't like what Hilton's been writing about her -- an offense made worse because she finds the celebrity blogger unattractive. 

"This is funny coming from a man who looks like clown," Lukyanova wrote on Facebook. "Before you decide to broadcast your naked torso, you should probably make sure you are nice to look at. It has always amazed me how people with the weirdest bodies are so full of themselves."

She then goes on to suggest Hilton get a "boob job." 

"He says I am not natural and I am made of plastic surgeries and Photoshop but do you know what? A boob job wouldn’t hurt him because even for a guy, his chest is way too flat," she wrote.

Lukyanova then takes a shot at "Human Ken" Justin Jedlica, calling him a "lost case" who "simply [looks] awful." She said that while Hilton is unattractive, there still might be a chance for him.  

Jedlica has likened Lukyanova to a drag queen in the past. 

In an email to The Huffington Post on Wednesday, Jedlica said that Lukyanova makes up lies to get media attention, and that she's "as one dimensional as her over-Photoshopped pictures."

"She [is] a fake and a fraud and I for one am embarrassed to be referenced as being her counterpart," Jedlica wrote.