Human Being Versus Human Doing

There are two ways we can function in this world. We can navigate using the spirit, or using the mind. The spirit will put us into contact with soul expression and expansion, while the mind will put us into contact with schemes and strategies.
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There are two ways we can function in this world. We can navigate using the spirit, or using the mind. The spirit will put us into contact with soul expression and expansion, while the mind will put us into contact with schemes and strategies.

Although most people live their lives from a place of doing, in other words living through the mind, the quality of our life resides in our being, or living through the spirit. Taking it one step further, living through the mind is fear-based while living through the spirit is love-based. When we conduct our lives from a place of being rather than doing, we walk into uncertainty. We surrender to the outcome. The act of surrender may sound fearful, but in this case it is actually rooted in love and belief.

When we plan, organizing every step and making sure we've covered all bases, the core of these actions is fear. True fear comes from wanting to protect ourselves instead of wanting to let go. Generally, people have it backwards: They think to surrender is fearful. And while we are not sure of the exact outcome, one thing is certain: The outcome will be far more miraculous than that of any plan we could have prepared.

It is when we release our angst and stop striving, pleading, worrying and doing "as much as we can" that we tap into pure flow. Pure flow comes from our spirit, from love, from the essence of the universe. Nature does not hurry, strive or worry, yet everything happens in due time. All growth, blossoming and withering gently occur. Nature does not have a mind. However, it has something vaster than the mind, and that is the intelligence of the universe. If we allow our lives to come from a place of being, we open ourselves up to infinite intelligence as well.

The mind is very powerful. When you set your mind on something, you can definitely achieve it, and manifest your desires into reality. Such a statement would generally be associated with a lot of doing and striving. However, once a person sets their intention, and surrenders the final outcome to the universe, their results will be spectacular. When we know what we want, but surrender the process of achieving it to the intelligence far greater than anything our mind can perceive, we begin living lives beyond our wildest dreams.

So how does one achieve this kind of life? First of all, set an intention for what you'd like your future to look like, in your career or personal life or both. The fact is, if something is brewing within you, it is meant to be a part of your destiny. The first step to living out your purpose is to imagine a specific life that makes you happy. People do not want the same things. If you have a specific desire within you, then it is time to start giving it more energy and taking small steps towards it.

The next step towards living with purpose is to ask yourself if what you are doing, at each moment of your day, is coming from a place of love or fear. There are no other options. Human beings function on the essence of those two emotions. If you feel excited, happy or hopeful about something, you are functioning on love. If you feel dread, worry or resistance towards something, you are functioning on fear. The energy of love expands our life to encompass more possibilities. The energy of fear constricts our life within a box. So, to move forward with love in your heart is to live with your being. This mentality will put you in touch with the flow of life.

These two steps - setting an intention for the life you want, and taking small steps towards it with love each day - are the most profound things you can do to tap into your being. It sounds simple. However, it takes courage and work. The mind loves to control; that is its job. But with control comes a domino effect of other hindrances, such as worry and fear, that end up blocking our vast potential.

The choice is always yours. If you feel you've done all you can do, yet feel there is more that can be attained, then let it go. It takes courage, faith, belief and trust to surrender. Attaining these traits requires training the mind. But when you do so, and live from being rather than doing, then you are actually living. You are moving towards Oneness with all that is. You are opening yourself up to the greatness that resides within you, waiting to be released. The intelligence of the universe can provide us with a life far grander than the intelligence of our minds ever could. Our function is to know what we want, believe we can get it, surrender to the process and wait for the miracles to unfold.

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