Human Beings vs. Human Doings

As I am sitting here on the beach in Goa, I'm pondering the concept of actually being a human BEING.

I'm a Westerner, I grew up on the East Coast of Massachusetts where, like most places on the East Coast, we are conditioned not to be human BEINGS, but to be human DOINGS.

We do things. Lots of things.

We work and work and work! Even on this most recent trip to Asia, I'm watching how I'm always wanting to DO things.

Scheduling things into my holiday. But now, right at this moment I'm just sitting here, doing nothing except BEING. It feels nice. It feels peaceful. I can actually hear that little voice way deep down inside, my intuition, my higher voice..and I like it when I can hear THIS voice. This is the one that usually guides me in the right direction.

Why do we do so much? We do SO much, yet never feel that it is enough! It IS enough.

We are taught in grade school to be the best! To win! To get an A! But then...if and when you don't win, you feel less then. If and when you don't get the A, you feel that you've done something wrong, you let your parents down, you let your teacher down, you let yourself down. Kids learn at different levels. But yet at such an early age, we are conditioned that we aren't good enough. We're made to feel bad about ourselves while we are still developing who we are! It's CRAZY!

How about teaching kids that they are ENOUGH? That we are all perfectly imperfect, and just being who you are, no masks, no hiding, no trying to fit in...this person, who you are at your core is ENOUGH. Just BEING you is more then enough. It's beautiful! This is the essence of The Farley Project.

I'm going to spend more time in life just BEING. Being who I am in that moment with no apologies or explanations. Loving who I am.

I have some close friends who work their asses off all week, only to spend the entire weekend DOING errands! Where is the space to recharge? Where is the space to be?

How can we give our unique gifts and talents to the world if we aren't quiet enough to know what those unique gifts are?

I encourage you all to spend even a few moments in each day just being! Sit. Stop. Breathe.

As I'm sitting here on the beach, looking out at the waves I feel grateful. Happy. I am peaceful. I am confident. I am BEING. A beautiful, filled to the brim with love BEING.

Here's to being YOU! Beautiful, you.

Love always,