When Does A Person Reach Their Expiration Date? Never. The Answer Is Never

Here's a horrifying thought: tattooing "best by" dates across people's foreheads so employers, family members or the general public will know when they're "past their prime."

This satirical ad from a community group formed to advocate for the elderly in Ontario, Canada, is inspired by those hard-to-read dates printed on perishables in the grocery store. The Peterborough Council On Aging's message challenges how society treats people as they age. Encouraging us to rethink the way we look at growing older, the ad reminds us that we're all human beings, no matter how many candles are on our birthday cakes.

A person is never a product that has "gone bad." Whether 2 or 82, a person is still a person, deserving of respect and equipped with the potential to really shake things up.

We agree with the Council. People don't have "best before" dates, and it's time we stopped pretending they do.