Human Cannonball Straps On A GoPro, Makes Us Hold On For Dear Life

Don't want to get launched from a cannon for a living?

We totally understand.

But human cannonball Gemma Kirby is here to show us what it's like.

Equipped with a GoPro for Mashable, Kirby steps into darkness, takes a few deep breaths and -- BOOM! -- she hurtles 100 feet through the air at about 60 miles an hour, according to the video.

Performing for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus XTREME, the 25-year-old Kirby is the youngest female human cannonball, Mashable wrote.

According to ABC News, Kirby logged her 500th flight last month in Philadelphia. She describes the sensation of being blasted out of a cannon as "like the most intense roller coaster you've ever tried to ride on, times 10, with no seatbelt."

As she told Associated Press: "Very few human beings get to feel that sensation."

And with good reason, Gemma, but we're glad to go along for the ride, if only through a video.

For a bigger picture of Kirby's craft, here's a picture she posted of herself in mid-flight a while back:



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