Texans Form Human Chain To Rescue Driver From Sinking Car

The heroic act is just one of many that have continued to outshine Hurricane Harvey's devastation.
People are seen forming a human chain to rescue a man who was trapped in a sinking car.
People are seen forming a human chain to rescue a man who was trapped in a sinking car.
Stephanie N Edward Mata/Facebook

Dozens of good samaritans were filmed braving rising floodwaters in Houston this week to rescue a stranded motorist who was trapped in a sinking car.

Incredible video and photos posted to social media on Tuesday showed people locking hands to wade into the floodwaters towards a submerged SUV.

Stephanie Edward Mata, who filmed the inspiring scene from her passing car, told Mashable about witnessing it.

“The people had no rope to get him out so they made a chain holding each other,” she said. “They pulled the door open and one gentleman got ahold of him as they held on until they got him safe.”

The rescue appeared to have been in the nick of time, as a photo she later shared showed the SUV almost entirely submerged in the water.

Mata said she doesn’t know what happened to the recovered driver but that she saw him being checked out near a police officer.

Heartwarming acts, great and small, have continued to outshine the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey.

Texans have been seen providing their own boats and vehicles ― from monster trucks to jet skis ― to help rescue crews and people.

Companies have also stepped up, donating millions of dollars, as well as supplies like water, to help relief efforts. One local businessman also turned both of his furniture stores into shelters for those in need.

Then, there have been a number of heartwarming animal rescues ― including of bats, birds and cattle.

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