Brooklyn Bridge Could Be Transformed Into A Massive Sound Installation

Are you constantly peeved by the non-musicality of bridges? If so, your troubles are about to come to a sweet, melodic end thanks to an artist and inventor named Di Mainstone.

Mainstone is out to transform bridges into giant sound installations, using humans as the instruments. Her idea, inspired by a fortuitous stroll down the Brooklyn Bridge, involves attaching sculptural instruments to the human form, turning people into "Human Harps." Pedestrians will then be able to play the already instrument-like architecture, using their bodies as activators of sound.

By 2014, Mainstone aims to turn the Brooklyn Bridge into a giant, magnetic instrument and we could not be more excited. Watch the Creators Project video above and head to the "Human Harp" website to watch the development proceed. We must admit, it's been a pretty great month for artsy bridges.