Human Knowledge Gets Blockchain Based with App

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We have reviewed the good and the bad of the knowledge app and ICO:

Here is what we think...

When searching for experts in a certain field, whether you need a lawyer, a plumber or a party clown, the existing platforms are inefficient or costly. On top of that, the target market of those platforms (advice seekers and providers) usually lack the trust, especially people seeking advice, because they are charged more. So, the blockchain technology is the obvious solution for peer to peer transactions with minimal and fair costs. This is where Experty comes in.

As they state in their whitepaper:

“Experty […] is designed to connect knowledge providers and knowledge seekers anywhere in the world using blockchain technology. Payments are automated through our operations contract (OC), allowing voice and video calls to be monetized without a lengthy setup or upfront payment.”

Another aspect, of the knowledge market, they are solving is access; making it easier for people that don’t use traditional banking systems.

The definition of their service is well explained in their documentation:

Experty is “a blockchain-based calling platform that allows two or more parties to connect via video or audio call. Within the application, a knowledge provider can set their rate per minute, which is paid by the knowledge seeker when they call. This exchange is settled seamlessly through the Blockchain using an Ethereum smart contract coupled with off-chain software. Experty adds value to the consulting industry through simplifying the exchange of knowledge for currency.

Knowledge Provider. Can share his or her direct call link without fear of receiving fraud and/or marketing calls. They can also display their availability schedule.

Knowledge Seeker. Saves time and money by contacting wanted person directly, and paying only for actual call time. Third Party Services. Gain another path to monetize their existing client base.

You can join their Telegram group here to stay in touch or ask questions. The team is very communicative and helpful.

Before joining their telegram community I think it’s best to research the project a bit more.

The right questions to answer are:

1. What does it solve? We answered that in the previous paragraphs

2. What are the benefits of using the platform?

3. How does it work?

4. Who is planning on using it?

So we will answer questions number 2-4 now.

2. What are the benefits of using the platform?

Privacy and ease of access. Experty will grant instant access to “knowledge holders” for everyone, everywhere in the world, also solving the “sharing phone numbers with strangers” lack of incentive.

Speed and security. The app setup will be fast. So the time to get the help needed is short. If help seekers are unsatisfied with the provided service, they can easily ask for a refund through the smart contract behind Experty.

Instant payments. This is an obvious benefit of the blockchain technology. Experts and callers will trade instantly, with no third party involved.

They also have some more significant benefits like: texting and group texting, scheduling calls, conversation recording, video calls, group calls, webinars and conversation recording.

3. How does it work?

Let’s take the case of someone who is a lawyer or legal advisor. Let’s call him Bruce :)

So Bruce creates his Experty account and profile, then he sets his per minute rate. After that he will share his expertly profile or Linkedin profile with Hugo, who is in search for some legal advice. Hugo gets the information he needs from Bruce and, finally, the payment is instantly created using the Ethereum blockchain.

The payments will use the Experty Token (EXY). The token can be staked to access premium features or deposited for an advanced schedule with a knowledge provider.

4. Who is planning on using it?

Keep in mind though that Experty IS NOT A MERKETPLACE. This is what they are stating on their website:

“To increase decentralization, we have decided to depart from the classic approach of creating a marketplace where users can search for a specialist. The market is already fully saturated with such services.

Instead of using a central marketplace, we are implementing a completely decentralized solution. Users are free to share their Experty contact information wherever they want, such as discussion boards, Linkedin profiles, their websites, Twitter, etc. This way, blockchain experts aren’t limited to a single marketplace. This approach allows us to omit two huge problems:

  • Identity of the Experts, which is already verified by third party services.
  • Lack of potential customers, because of a large amount of users in already existing services”

The platform can be used by influencers, experts, advisors, developers or consultant companies for monetizing their time and knowledge.

Do you want to see a video demo of how the App will work? Of course you do ;) This video showcases everything we said about the project:

Another strong feature of this project is the team behind it. They have everything covered: project director, solidity engineer, full stack developers, frontend and mobile developers, marketing and communication managers etc.

Plus more than a dozen advisors with diverse expertise: ethereum software, blockchain influencers, marketing, security, token mechanics, legal and taxes etc.

By the look of everything we researched, this project is very promising especially when people all around the internet are talking about it and sharing their reviews and opinions; people with great influence and with thousands of followers.

Here are just a few examples of Major Influencers

Altcoin Buzz. 184,800 Subscribers

The Crypto Lark. 49,400 Subscribers

CrushCrypto. 22,700 Subscribers

CryptoCoinShow. 25,100 Subscribers

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