Human Legs Found Near Downtown Connecticut Train Tracks (UPDATE)

Cops are investigating as a possible homicide.
UPDATE: 8:50 p.m. -- Police in New Haven, Connecticut, found human body parts Wednesday evening, not far from where a pair of human legs were discovered earlier in the day. 
Officers found "what appeared to be at least one human arm in a plastic bag on a ledge" beneath a bridge at 7 p.m., New Have police said in a statement. The arm was discovered "blocks" from where the legs were found around 11 a.m. 
Police said forensic testing would be conducted to see if the arm and legs are from the same person. Officers and a cadaver-sniffing dog would continue searching the area, police said.  


A pair of human legs were found near train tracks in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, on Wednesday morning. 

A homeless man who discovered the partial remains led an officer to the spot, shrouded in dense vegetation, Officer David Hartman told The Huffington Post. Two days ago, a witness told police about the legs, but cops and firefighters were unable to find them in the thick growth. 

"Even knowing where they were today, you still couldn't see them from the road unless you knew what you were looking for," Hartman said.  


Officers will investigate the discovery as a homicide, said Hartman, though it's possible they will learn the legs didn't come from a living person. 

The legs had been severed and weren't covered or wrapped, Hartman said. Socks were on the feet, but no shoes.

There was debris nearby from homeless encampments, but nothing that appeared directly linked to the grisly discovery. The area is up a 30-foot embankment from the train tracks and on the other side of a six-foot fence, Hartman said. 

A medical examiner determined that the legs had been severed a week ago, based on the deterioration of the flesh, Hartman said. Additional tests are needed to figure out the age, race and gender of the person. That will aid in identification, as authorities try to match missing persons reports to the remains.

Police continue searching for other body parts, though a cadaver-sniffing dog hasn't found anything.