Human Life On Mars: Scientist Plans To Have Earthlings On Mars By 2023


Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp joined HuffPost Live Tuesday to talk about his goal to have humans living on Mars by the year 2023. Lansdorp told host Jacob Soboroff and HuffPost Science correspondent Cara Santa Maria that his organization plans to bring human life to Mars without any technological breakthrough, using existing space exploration technology.

Lansdorp refers to the potential Mars dwellers as colonists, saying "they are going to stay there, in our plan, for the rest of their lives. They are really going to settle on a new planet and start a new life there."

The Dutch entrepreneur describes the training that the Mars colonists would have to undergo as "extensive", approximately 8-10 years, so that they would be able to solve any problem they could possibly encounter on Mars. Lansdorp did assure any potential Mars migrant that they would be able to do any indoor activity on the Red Planet that they do on Earth, including watching TV.

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