Human Remains Found In Illinois Woods: Youths Discover Skeletal Remains In Woodridge Woods

Two youths going for a walk in a suburban Chicago wooded area around 1:30 p.m. Saturday discovered something quite unusual: what they believed to be human skeletal remains.

According to My Suburban Life, the discovery took place in the 7900 block of Lemont Road in Woodridge, Ill.

Woodridge Police Sgt. Anthony Johnson has declined to identify the remains as either male or female, nor has he disclosed what parts of the body the remains are, though teeth were reportedly among them, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The age of the remains and cause of death are also unknown at this time, CBS Chicago reports.

According to the Tribune, a preliminary dental examination was slated to take place Monday and an investigation into the remains -- including the involvement of a "bone specialist" -- is expected to continue from there.



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