Human Shield Formed In Tahrir Square To Protect Women From Sexual Assault (PHOTOS)

As millions await the final showdown between supporters of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the opposition movement, reports of violence in Cairo continue to spread.

However, some are seeking to curb the number of sexual attacks against women. In several photos captured above the masses, dozens formed a human shield in Tahrir Square Wednesday.

According to the Associated Press, volunteers are using their bodies to construct a safe zone in order to prevent sexual harassment and assault against women.

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On Wednesday, the Human Rights Watch said that Egyptian anti-sexual harassment groups confirmed that at least 91 attacks of sexual assault and rape have been perpetrated by the mob in the public square in the past four days.

President Barack Obama has also expressed his distress with the sexual violence in Cairo. According to the White House, when Obama called the Egyptian leader Monday to discuss the situation in the country, he also "underscored his deep concern about violence during the demonstrations, especially sexual assaults against female citizens."

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