Human Wall Guides Baby Turtles To Sea On Bonaire (PHOTO)

WATCH: Wait Till You See What's Helping Baby Turtles To Sea

The hatching of more than 100 loggerhead sea turtles July 1 on the Caribbean island of Bonaire prompted volunteers to take action, according to Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire. The baby turtles ambled to the sea with the help of a people-lined path, a viral photo on Imgur shows.

"Cutest. Stampede. Ever," wrote one commenter. Perhaps that's why the image had collected nearly three-quarters of a million views on the photo-sharing site by Wednesday afternoon.

Zahnerphoto, who posted the picture, explained on Reddit that the "nesting site was close to the airport and lighting was a concern."

According to National Geographic, loggerhead turtles have been on the "threatened species list" since 1978, due in part to pollution and development in their nesting areas.

Want to contribute to turtle conservation on Bonaire? Click here.


Volunteers form a line to usher the hatchlings out to the sea. (Credit: Zahnerphoto/Imgur)

Check out a video of the turtles' water entry below.

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