Humanitarian work is making me better every day and can make you too.

Humanitarian work is making me better every day and can make you too.
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<p>Sujan Pariyar with street children.</p>

Sujan Pariyar with street children.

Born in rural Nepal, grown up in the capital city Kathmandu, things have been different with places and time for me. The village that I was born in doesn´t even have good access to internet, education or good medical care while I am in the city which provides almost all the luxury. There are many things I have experienced which are contradictory to village life. There is green everywhere, pure himalayan flowing water, people are grounded whereas in the city most of the people use masks to protect themselves from pollution, we have to wait long for water to come on tap, and of course people are always busy.

I lived with my parents and got my education in city. In 2012, my dad founded a humanitarian charity called “Innovative Social Centre” which completely changed my life afterwards. He started this charity to support children, women and local communities. I was 19 years old and studying in high school when I started volunteering in that charity. As my dad was involved with government services and UN peace missions, he couldn't spend much time for the program, so after a year I was given the responsibility of being the Director. Now it's been more than half a decade I am working in humanitarian fields and have got an opportunity to learn very valuable lessons. As the first step of charity work, I got to learn about administration work, project management, fundraising and more. With ongoing days, I found out that there is no regular funding in our organization which makes our charity difficult to sustain. There should be a source which allows our charity to give to the people in need. After knowing this fact, I got involved with fundraising and volunteer recruitment. With the volunteer assistance we were able to support vulnerable children,empowered women and became supporters of animal care, disabled care, monastery, school, medical projects and different local charities. With the year gone by my skill with project and team management, administration and fundraising increased. We were also recruiting international volunteers and showing them around the major cultural heritage sites and different cities gave me insight as travel guide of the country. I created and managed fundraising projects like Chicken farming, rabbit farming, photo exhibition, charity weekend hikes, T-shirt sales. Marketing T- shirts or hikes trip increased my knowledge in entrepreneurship whereas supporting tents, food, clothes, sponsoring vulnerable children education, empowering women with skilled handicrafts or education or surveying rural areas gave me insight of the real need of the country and understanding the situation of people. Along with humanitarian work, I am studying a civil engineering degree, which will help me to rebuild more than 50 homes after the devastating earthquake in Nepal two years ago. After getting my engineering degree, I aim to create different projects which will involve construction of schools in rural areas and homes for vulnerable children and women.

<p>Women Empowerment project “ Innovative Social Centre”</p>

Women Empowerment project “ Innovative Social Centre”

To the date our organization regularly supports different children’s homes, local monastery, schools,donates food, clothes, tents, educational supplies, creates medical camps and additionally sponsors 10 rural children with education which we are aiming to reach 100 children by the end of 2018. As I already mentioned, to sustain welfare work I run different projects which have increased my knowledge in entrepreneurship. Currently, with the knowledge I am running a guesthouse, a clothing brand which sells handmade Hammocks, Bags, Crystal necklaces and a social good organization called “Inxchan ( Volunteer Nepal )” which provides an unique philanthropic travel trip.

<p>Food donation to AIDS care.</p>

Food donation to AIDS care.

Running a grass root organization and aiming to continue welfare projects for a very long time, media attention was needed which can connect with potential supporters or sponsors. After knowing the fact by some writers, getting featured on major newspapers or magazines can cost a lot. I started writing myself with all my experience. Currently I am writing for different major online magazines about Charity work, entrepreneurship, traveling opportunities and advice around Nepal. All the different setback has increased my potential, helped me thinking out of box and has made me a better person everyday.

Many people want to get involved with humanitarian work but due to lack of time and space they are not able to. But if you are really passionate and want to start your own charity, you should keep this thing in mind. Get experience by volunteering in charity. During the volunteering period, get involved deeply with administration work. Attend seminars which deal with related topics, make new and helpful connections with others.Learn as much as you can about all the things that are involved in charity and related work. Spend time making networks with the leaders/ founders of different other charities. Pitch your ideas with different sponsors, make sure your charity is not going to stop in upcoming years. Recruit a great team and volunteers who can help you with your website, promotion, public relations, management and more.

<p>Blankets donation project.</p>

Blankets donation project.

Contributing on charity or humanitarian causes mean you are getting happiness and satisfaction back, as it has always been said “Good Karma Comes Back”.Involvement of yours in humanitarian work can improve your mental satisfaction, spiritual energy and make you known as a responsible citizen. More than average rich people in the world are philanthropist because they understand the value of giving. Charity starts from home, involve your family in donations of extra clothes or whatever you don’t need and give it to someone who desperately needs it. Living with less can take you a step ahead towards happiness and can make you better every day. Start your 2017, join me Volunteer Nepal.

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