If You Dumped Every Human Into The Grand Canyon, This Is What It Would Look Like (VIDEO)

WATCH: What If Everyone On Earth Were Piled Up In The Grand Canyon?

There are a lot of people on Earth--7.2 billion, in fact. Ever wondered what it would look like if you took all of us and piled us up on the floor of the Grand Canyon?

OK, maybe that's not something you've wondered about. But the folks at the YouTube series Vsauce haven't just wondered about that theoretical pile of humanity. With the help of Canadian designer Eesmyal Santos-Brault, they've managed to show us--and the result is equal parts creepy and amazing. Just check out the video below.

humans grand canyon

"That's it, that's all of us," Vsauce's Michael Stevens says in the video. "It kind of puts humanity in perspective. And you."

The video goes on to explore "how many things there are," from 10 elementary particles in the observable universe to 1.458 x 10 things that could ever be thought or imagined.

Now that's something that's hard to imagine...

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