This Is What Happens When You Ask People To Kiss Their Dogs In Front Of A Camera

For the most part, dogs are creatures of undying and unconditional affection. Your dog loves you and in return, you love your dog. But at what point, if ever, does this relationship get a little bit weird or excessive?

Photographer Chris Sembrot's new series features portraits of dog owners locking lips (and sometimes tongues) with their pups. It's not an uncommon occurrence: Dogs like kissing, after all, your mouth is probably covered in delicious food residue. But some of these pairs go a little beyond the characteristic welcome home smooch. While Sembrot suggests that this act is actually healthy -- because displays of affection more broadly increase oxytocin levels, lowering blood pressure and improving our sense of wellbeing -- other studies have suggested that making out with your dog can harbor negative health effects, on top of being, well, a little weird.

According to a study published in the Archives of Oral Biology in 2012, dog saliva contains a host of bacteria that have been linked to gum disease. Nothing wrong with a little kiss, but if you wanna play it extra safe, maybe keep the exchange of saliva to a minimum.

All photos via Chris Sembrot.

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