HONY Has Its First Matchmaking Love Story, And It's Every Bit As Heartwarming As You Expected

Humans of New York finally has its own love story.

The popular photo blog, which shares New Yorkers' unique -- and often deeply personal -- stories, has, for the first (known) time, played matchmaker and connected two readers who met as a result of a post.

HONY photographer Brandon Stanton shared the heartwarming story on Facebook Tuesday:

hony romance

Big news. We’ve got our first 100% confirmed HONY romance! I photographed Alex about eight months ago while he was rollerblading through midtown. Apparently, after seeing the post on HONY, Jordan sent him a Facebook message saying: "I can’t even rollerblade on two legs." Intrigued by Jordan’s eloquence, Alex arranged a meeting and they spent a day together. They’ve been dating ever since. I was lucky enough to run into them on the street a few days ago, and they told me the entire story. We were even close enough to our original meeting spot to go back and recreate the original photograph.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Alex Garrett, 23, said he and Jordan Farr, 27, have been dating for seven months thanks to Stanton, whom he credits for "bringing this city together with that positive energy."

"I was never really into the whole online dating scene," Garrett said, "but [Farr's] message and beauty and bubbly friendly follow-up" drew him in immediately. "The connection was there from the start," he added.

After their first date, Garrett said "I remember telling friends 'guys, this girl is truly amazing' and that was just the first time I met her!"

"This is definitely a lesson that, to quote Ed Sheeran, 'People fall in love in mysterious ways,'" Garrett concluded. "If you feel something for somebody, go for it ... they just might light up your life in ways you'd never imagine."



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