People Are Falling In Love With The Powerful 'Humans Of New York' Docuseries Trailer

"If I cry looking at the pictures and stories, then I know not to watch this in public."

The trailer for the new “Humans of New York” docuseries has dropped, and its fans couldn’t be more excited.

Brandon Stanton’s popular photography blog and Facebook page features often inspirational and thought-provoking interviews with everyday New Yorkers, and it’s grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2010.

And the photographer himself has now revealed that he’s turned the concept into a TV-style show — with the first of its 12 half-hour episodes debuting on Facebook’s new platform, Watch, next week.

Watch the trailer here:

“Early on I realized that video would add a deeper layer to Humans of New York,” Stanton wrote on the social networking site Thursday, in a caption to the show’s trailer that went viral.

He noted how he always did his best to “recreate the experience through photos or words.” But he admitted he “always knew that video would provide the closest thing to ‘actually being there.’”

“So for the last four years, I’ve filmed 1,200 interviews on the streets of New York,” he added. “Instead of posting these videos one day at a time, I held onto them so that one day I could combine them into something special.”

His fans on Facebook appear to be thrilled by the news:

Oscar-nominated documentary producer Julie Goldman is executive producer of the show, and she told The Hollywood Reporter that she was inspired to get involved in the project after seeing the material that Stanton had amassed.

The key to all film, really, and certainly to the documentary films we do, is storytelling,” she said. “This is storytelling at its core, at its most visceral. That really appealed to us. People really open themselves up in a way that continues to surprise me.”

Check out the trailer above, and visit HONY’s Facebook page here to see more of Stanton’s photographs.

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