Humble Roots: Rebelling Against Expectations

I grew up in Brooklyn. My mom was a teacher, and my dad was a policeman.

No one in the family was in business, so the expectation was you should do what you need to do, and you should do what your parents tell you to do. That was something that I rebelled against.

The challenge was that I didn't have a lot of confidence that I was capable of achieving it. I would think, "When are they going to find out I don't know what I'm doing?" And then you think, "Apparently, they aren't finding it out, so I guess I'll keep doing it until I get to a place where I can't do it."

I never really found that I got to a place where I could not.

See my video for more on my business journey and my father's delight.

Marge Magner, a member of Accenture's board of directors since February 2006 and lead director since January 2014, is a founding member and partner of Brysam Global Partners.