Hummingbirds Drinking Out Of Red Solo Cup Are The Best Party Fowls

Sugar water is their drink of choice.

Ain't no party like hummingbird party, amiright? 

Bryan Chapman who lives in Mississippi captured a kickback between a group of hummingbirds sipping some sugar water out of a red solo cup. 

The bird bro-down was shared on Facebook late last month. It went viral with more than 18 million views as of Monday afternoon. Seriously, how delightful is that party?! 

Check out how the birds flock to the Solo cup and daintily sip out of it like few party people have managed to do so before. 

The Facebook user created the sugar solution by mixing one part sugar with four parts water, according to the video's description. Chapman has also shared other videos of his hummingbird buddies. 

Next time, we want to be invited to the shindig! 


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